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Need to know if your chemical is controlled, regulated, energetic, explosive or need a HS / CN code?

Enter a chemical name, upload, or draw your chemical structure into Compliance Hub for the answer. 

Our Compliance Hub platform consists of a series of modules and powerful chemistry scan engines which encode chemical legislation, regulations, rules and more allowing you to simply enter or lookup chemicals, even novel and propriatory ones, for the answer.

Compliance Hub is used by chemists, trade compliance mangers, sample logistics managers, chemicals sales and R&D teams to easily ensure compliance when synthesising, storing, selling and shipping chemicals.

Updated weekly, Compliance Hub can quickly screen even the largest chemical collections of millions of chemicals

Key Features

Compliance Hub consists of a number of  modules specialised in various aspects of chemical regulations. All are simple to use with no chemistry or specialist regulatory knowledge required. 

Controlled Substances Squared
Covers over 30 countries & international conventions for controlled drugs, chemical weapons and precursors, ozone depleting, PIC/Rotterdam and export controlled chemicals. Learn more...

Generate HS codes for the USA, EU, UK, Switerland and China for chapters 28 and 29 of the HTS schedules (organic and inorganic chemicals), the pharmaceutical appendix and chemical appendix (USA specific). Learn more...

Dangerous Goods Assessment
Assess whether you chemical maybe explosive, energetic or self reactive. Ideal for process safety teams and DGSAs. Suitable for use as part UN manual of tests DG transport assesments criteria.  Learn more 

Upload, draw or search for your chemical structure


Instant access

Web based with nothing to install.


Automate checks via RESTful, Knime and Pipeline Pilot.


Our experts are on hand for guidance and help.


Upload and check 10,000 of chemicals per search

Availability Options



Fully managed by Scitegrity. Nothing to install. Our Business plan is ideal for SME’s and includes access to our web based front end, webservices and technical support on a per user or site basis. For larger organisations our Cloud enterprise plan includes dedicated servers, unlimited users, enterprise authentication, advanced APIs, near instant searches even for millions of chemicals,  automatic alerts when your compounds change controlled status plus the ability to create your own rules, restrictions and SOPs and much more.



Only available for the Enterprise version. All the features of the cloud based version except deployed onto you own servers and integrated to constantly check your compound inventories for regulated substances. Being behind your firewall your compound structures never leave your company, but weekly updates are still automatically downloaded, applied, your inventories re checked and you alerted to compliance issues.

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