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Scitegrity was founded in 2011 by Joe Bradley and Ian Johns, former Pfizer, Roche and GSK drug discovery scientists and data managers.

Starting in 2014 and in collaboration with several major pharmaceutical companies we developed Controlled Substances Squared as system designed to answer the deceptively simple looking question of “is this chemical controlled or regulated anywhere in the world”.

Through our compliance hub platform we also now also offer tariff coding and drug abuse potential assesments

Today our solutions are by scientists, compliance officers, sample logistics teams and sales/business development managers globally, including from 5 of the worlds top 10 pharmaceutical companies, chemical suppliers, regulators, CROs and forensics labs who trust and rely on our solutions.

We’ve expanded well beyond our inital focus on controlled drug legislation with the mission to make all chemical regulations searchable by chemical structure.

The key team

When working in a field as specialised as chemical regulations, trade compliance and scientific research it is imperative that those delivering data solutions understand the needs
of the scientist, the legislation, chemistry, chemistry searching and how to bring all this together in easy to use, accurate and reliable solutions.
Our team is made up of just that scientists and software developers who combine many years of hands on lab experience, software development, regulatory knowledge and chemical search wizardry.

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Ian Johns

Scitegrity Founder and head of data quality.

I spent 15 years at Roche, 8 as a hands-on synthetic chemist and 7 in a combined information science/data management role. In 2001 I joined Pfizer, where I’ve held senior management roles in the chemistry and scientific support departments, with responsibility for controlled substance compliance on large compound libraries.
My areas of expertise include Controlled Substances laws, chemical registration, searching and inventory management,
ELNs, collaboration / outsourcing data management and the support of scientists
on scientific applications and processes.


Joe Bradley

Scitegrity Founder and CEO

A biochemist with a decade of experience in screening as a team leader in Pfizer’s HTS group. From there I moved into scientific data management across most disciplines within research. I have many years of experience in implementing controlled drug legislation from around the world, scientific data access and analysis, business management and development, leading global IT projects within R&D environments, Pipeline Pilot and Oracle application development. I was an ELRIG general committee member (www.elrig.org) for
many years and actively involved with the Pistoia Alliance.


Maura Mooney

ExpediChem & Abuse Potential product owner

I’m a chemo-informatician and software developer with a PhD in Computational Medicinal Chemistry.

I lead Scitegrity’s efforts Tariff coding and have a deep knowledge of the global HTS schedules for chemicals and controlled drug laws. I also lead our efforts in Drug Abuse Potential assessments by developing improved methods to assess drug candidates against known drugs of abuse.

Team Member

Adam Islip

Controlled Substances Squared Product owner

Chemo-informatician and software developer. I hold a PhD in Organic Chemistry and deep knowledge of chemical searching and controlled drug regulations. I lead a team developing new capabilities into Controlled Substances Squared while also ensuring high quality support and accuracy is maintained.

Team Member

Jake Pearse

Head of IT

I’m a full stack software developer with a degree in computer science and responsible for our infrastructure and operations, with plenty of experience in AWS, serverless, Node.js web apps, micro-services and Python/Java/JS Pipeline Pilot integrations.

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