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Check Controlled Substance lists globally with Controlled Substances Squared

Enter a chemical name, upload or draw your chemical structure. We do the rest. When you have a large chemical collection, identifying which ones are controlled is an important but difficult compliance challenge with many different regulations to consider including narcotics, psychotropics, chemical weapons, ozone depleting, export restricted and more.

Controlled Substances Squared is software system, updated weekly, which can quickly screen even the largest chemical collections of millions of chemicals for regulated chemicals against controlled substance lists from around the world.

Key Features

Tells you if, how and where your chemical is regulated or controlled. Checks all legislative requirements such as all ethers, esters, salts, stereoisomers, analogues and controlled areas of chemical space

Covers over 28 countries & international conventions for controlled drugs, chemical weapons and precursors, ozone depleting and export controlled chemicals.

Check any chemical fast
Works on proprietary & novel chemicals. Upload tens of thousands of chemicals in a single check (.sd, smiles and inchi). Or search by chemical or common name.

Powerful yet simple to use
Easy to use and understand, even if you’re not a chemist or compliance expert. But within a single click access detailed technical information, guidance documents and more.

Upload, draw or search for your chemical structure



Automate checks via RESTful, Knime and Pipeline Pilot.

Instant access

Web based with nothing to install.


Our experts are on hand for guidance and help.


To both to upcoming legislation and if your substances regulated status changes.

Availability Options



Fully managed by Scitegrity. Nothing to install. Our Business plan is ideal for SME’s and includes access to our web based front end, webservices and technical support on aper user basis. For larger organisations our Cloud enterprise plan includes dedicated servers, unlimited users, enterprise authentication, advanced APIs, near instant searches even for millions of chemicals and automatic alerts when your compounds change controlled status via our FastLookup™ plus the ability to create your own rules and SOPs and much more.



Only available for the Enterprise version. All the features of the cloud based version except deployed onto you own servers and integrated to constantly check your compound inventories for regulated substances. Being behind your firewall your compound structures never leave your company, but weekly updates are still automatically downloaded, applied, your inventories re checked and you alerted to compliance issues.



National controlled drug legislation

Controlled substance lists from:- Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom*, United States of America*


Regional and international agreements

Chemical Weapons Convention (including the Australia Group)
European Union* (Controlled Drug precursors, military dual use, human rights lists)
Montreal Ozone Protocol
PIC / Rotterdam Convension
Wassenaar Arrangement
World Anti-Doping Agency lists

*also includes strategic export control regulations on chemicals such ITAR, CCL, dual use etc.

Commonly-asked Questions

Can’t I just check a chemical name against controlled substances lists such as those on the DEA (US) or HomeOffice website (UK)

All legislation defines areas of controlled chemical space instead in addition to named substances. These can be as simple as all ethers or esters of the named substance, to complex definitions known as ‘generic statements’, ‘chemical family controls’ or ‘Markush statements’ and its essential to search these to ensure compliance. Simply checking against lists of names will lead to serious compliance issues as these are just examples of the chemicals actually under control.  You can read more about this in our series of blog posts


I’m using small amount (mg’s) for research and development, do I still need to treat them as controlled.

Yes. In general R&D is not except (or every illicit transaction would be for ‘R&D purposes’). There are a few limited exemptions and these vary depending on country, but generally cannot be relied upon (read our blog on this here). The good news is that with the right site licence you can still use, supply or ship them as long as you keep good records and know what is and isn’t controlled.

Why is it called Controlled Substances Squared

In the United Kingdom, to say something is 'squared' can mean a problem is fixed, solved or taken care of.  Controlled Substances Squared (CS2) takes care of your problem of indentifying any regulated substances you have.

Can you help us understand and be compliant with the US analogues act.

Yes, certainly. Please contact us. You can also read our blog about it  here

Can you help us check controlled drug lists in the USA, UK, Switzerland and Europe

Yes, this is exactly what Controlled Substances Squared does. Please contact us for a demo and discussion. You can also read our series of blog posts here on pitfuls to avoid when checking  lists of scheduled substances.

Are you just controlled drugs

No, we cover lots of other regulations such as ITAR and CCL in the USA, EU / UK export controls lists, PIC Rotterdam, Ozone depleting substances the chemicals weapons convension and more.

What countries do you cover and can you add more

We are always adding more countries and regulations. If you have a specific requirement please contact us. 

Are controlled drugs regulated at the EU level with Europe

In short no.  Controlled drug lists are defined at the national level in the EU. To be compliant you much check the national legislation of the country you are shipping to and from. Drug precursors laws and some export control substances are harmonised and regulated at the EU level, but controlled drug lists and defined at the national level and vary significantly between EU countries (as well as globally).

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