ExpediChem for Chemical HS Codes

Upload, draw, paste or search your chemical structure. We do the rest. Need to know the HS code and duty for a chemical. ExpediChem allows you to simply calculate this for any country in the world. Designed for both chemists and non-chemists. Enter a chemical structure or search by name.

Key Features

Worldwide coverage (harmonised 6 digit) with 10 digit coverage of the USA, EU, UK, Switzerland and China for chapters 28 and 29 of the HTS schedules (organic and inorganic chemicals), the pharmaceutical appendix and chemical appendix (USA specific).

Search by chemical or common name.
Also works on proprietary & novel chemicals. Upload tens of thousands of structures in a single check (.sd, smiles and inchi formats).

Simple to use. No chemistry knowledge required.

Upload, draw or search for your chemical structure



Automate checks via RESTful, Knime and Pipeline Pilot.

Instant access

Web based with nothing to install.

Intended use

Contextualise searches with activity or intended use

Up to date

Schedules are regularly checked and updated.

Availability Options



Fully managed by Scitegrity. Nothing to install. Our Business plan is ideal for SME’s and includes access to our web based front end, webservices and technical support on a per user basis. For larger organisations our Cloud enterprise plan includes dedicated servers, unlimited users, enterprise authentication, advanced APIs, near instant searches even for millions of chemicals.



Only available for the Enterprise version. All the features of the cloud based version except deployed onto you own servers and integrated to constantly check your compound inventories. Being behind your firewall your compound structures never leave your company, but updates are still automatically downloaded, applied, your inventories HS codes recalculated.

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