Identification of
Explosive and Energetic chemicals


Instantly assess whether your chemical could be explosive

Enter a chemical name, upload or draw your chemical structure.

DG Assessor will assess whether your chemical is likely to be energetic, explosive or self-reactive. Its assessments include and helps fulfil those outlined by the 2019 UN Manual of Tests for the shipment of dangerous goods.

Using the UN guidance as a starting point and further enhanced and refined in conjunction with major Pharmaceutical and chemical companies, DG Assessor allows fast defendable assessments to improve safety, help with GHS assessments and satisfy the UN Manual of Tests for the screening of substances suspected of having explosive or self-reactive properties.

Key Features


Check any chemical fast

A strucutre based check that works with proprietary and novel chemicals, or search via chemical or common name. Upload thousands of chemicals in a single check (.sd, smiles and inchi). Or use our webservices to automate checks from ELNs etc.

DG Assessor currently works for organic small molecules, excluding polymers.

Powerful yet simple to use

Easy to use and understand, even if you’re not a chemist or compliance expert. But within a single click access detailed technical information and a full breakdown of what structural elements of the chemical leads to its explosive risk.

Chemicals are group into risk categories of low, medium, high and very high.

Developed in conjunction with a major Pharmaceutical companies DG and process chemistry groups. Its algorithms and checks fulfil the requirements and assessments laid out in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria for assessing chemicals for potentially dangerous chemicals before handling or shipping.


Available as a self-service pay per check, annual plans or an unlimited Enterprise plans.


Check for energetic, explosive and self reactive chemicals

Upload, draw or search for your chemical structure



Automate checks via RESTful, Knime and Pipeline Pilot.

Instant access

Web based with nothing to install.


Our experts are on hand for guidance and help.

UN compatible

Compatible with the 2019 UN Manual of Tests requirements for assesing chemicals for transport

Availability Options



Fully managed by Scitegrity. Nothing to install. Simply login and check. Includes access to our webserivces / APIs.

Our annual business plan provides heavily discounted rates for larger number of checks for smaller companies. 

For larger organisations, our Cloud enterprise plan includes dedicated servers, unlimited users and checks and enterprise authentication.

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