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Instant tariff codes & duty for chemicals


Drug Abuse

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The Science of Compliance

Want to know if your chemical is controlled, regulated, has the potential for abuse or just need a tariff code?

Our regulatory and chemistry experts encode chemical regulations from around the world allowing you to simply answer these questions and more by drawing or looking up a chemical structure.

We make regulatory compliance a simple, robust, background process. Join with 5 of the worlds top 10 pharma, chemical suppliers, regulators, CROs, forensics labs and more who trust and rely on our solutions.

Where we make the difference


Regulated Chemicals

Check if your chemical is controlled or regulated. Search by name or structure. Upload millions of chemicals for checking.

Tariff coding chemicals

Get the HS code and rate of duty for your chemical. Search by name or structure. Worldwide coverage

Drug Abuse assessments

Show your candidate is not chemically similar to any known drugs or chemical space with human abuse liability. Reports for FDA & EMA abuse potential submissions.

Who Scitegrity helps


Research sample managers

Automatically scan your entire collection and receive alerts when controlled chemicals are found.

Medicinal chemists

Check chemicals during design for potential compliance and off target liabilities.

Compliance managers

Know if a chemical is regulated in over 28 countries and get alerts to upcoming or proposed regulations.

Safety Pharmacologists

Reduce or avoid the need extensive pre-clinical abuse liability studies through chemical similarity studies

Trade compliance teams

Lookup any chemicals HS code and duty and find trade deal tariff rates.

Chemicals Business development

Sell chemicals into new markets, confident that you are compliant with the law.

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors

Assess whether a chemical maybe dangerous

Shipping logistics managers

Get the HS code, check import /export regulations and more.

Save time, save money - ensure compliance

Instantly know what is controlled & regulated. The hardest job with chemical compliance is working out what’s regulated and ensuring appropriate controls are used. Our tools and services make this an easy, automatic, background process.


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